Monica Wulff

Manage your tech usage like you would other parts of your life, with intention.


Here’s the story 

That’s when I decided it was time to make a change. Since then, my personal goal has been extended to help others reclaim their lives and use their tech-connections for good.

‘Intentional technology’ as I like to call it is all about applying tech management strategies to our digital world – helping us connect with purpose, disconnect without FOMO and engage in meaningful ways online.

A little more on me, I was the co-founder and builder of Australia’s largest survey of emerging technology businesses, Startup Muster.  I’m a leading expert on the Australian startup ecosystem, an international speaker and I was nominated for the ‘Female Founder of the Year’ award at Startcon in 2018.

As a startup founder, I understand how important technology is and the many ways in which society has benefited from an ever-evolving digital world. But I also recognise that very little is being done to help us manage our technology use, digital devices and social media addiction.   

During the early stages of my first business, I personally experienced the negative effects of having a living and breathing a 24/7 digital connection. I quickly noticed I was overwhelmed, overstimulated and not getting anywhere fast. Without being mindful of my time spent online, and without a strategy that optimised my digital experience, things were taking a turn for the worse.


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